About Us

Founded in 1992, Maritime Lobster Ltd. is a Toronto based company and one of several companies owned by Roland Murphy. His Wedgeport, Nova Scotia based company R&K Murphy Enterprises purchases lobster direct from local fishermen and sends them to a grading centre where the lobsters are size and quality graded. Most are either sold to Asia (mainly Korea) and/or distributed to local processors while the best from the large quantities of lobster purchased are saved and transported by truck to Maritime Lobster’s holding facility.

Our business model is simple, cut out the middleman to keep prices low and have the best product available for our customers.

Our facility is located in Scarborough, Ontario and is set up like a giant fish tank which we maintain on a daily basis to ensure the best environment for our lobster. We have as many as five shipments of lobster per week and are continuously dating and rotating our stock. We service many of the finer restaurants in the GTA (wholesale) with our six days a week, same day delivery service and we do Canada-wide next day retail delivery as well. Since our facility is located in the GTA we have greater access to courier and air freight to many more destinations within Canada with a much faster delivery time.

There are more direct flights to more destinations from Pearson International Airport than any other airport in Canada allowing us to provide our customers with faster delivery times and a higher quality product since they are packed direct from our tanks in the GTA.

With immediate access to Pearson another large part of our business is packing and selling lobster to clients all over the world, however our international sales are based on large quantities only.

We have also incorporated a few processing components to our facility. We cook lobster with our commercial steamer, remove the meat from it’s shell and vacuum seal the fresh cooked meat. We process raw frozen tails for retail and wholesale and we have recently become a packaging facility for Lobster 4 Dinner’s products. Having fresh, live product at our fingertips makes our processed products some of the best quality produced.

We retail ours as well as other innovative lobster company products out of our Scarborough location as well as online, please visit www.maritimelobster.ca/store to order. Customers are welcome to come in Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm to purchase live lobster or any of our other quality products.

Come on in! We love taking customers on a tour and sometimes we’ll have lobsters that are upwards of ten lbs and even more to show off. The kids love it!

We pride ourselves in making sure our product is well kept, managed, packaged and received by our customers. Our standard of quality is very high.

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